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Lucullus PIMS can be supplied in three different architectures:

Stand alone adition

  • The stand alone edition is used for up to 8 different bioreactors or one ulti-bioreactor system on one computer. Data is stored in a local Oracle database and access to the process data can be through the local computer or via a remote network link to this process computer. Interactions to the proicess can be done through the local computer in the laboratory. It is advised to use a data safetys system on the local computer to make sure your valuable process data are secured in case of computer hardware failures.



Client server edition

  • The Client-Server edition is used for larger installations of Lucullus, where different labs are using the software. This distributed architecture allows the data to be stored in a safe location while the frond end user interfaces are located near the bioreactors where they need to be. Data can be reviewed in the offices by a direct link to the dataserver in the network. Data from different laboratories can be compared and can be used for process control or for reporting and making decisions on the path for further process development.

client server



Enterprise edition

  • For even larger installations with Lucullus installations at different site (even in different countries) the Enterprise edition can be used. This version connects different installatiuons of Lucullus and allows in the fly conversion and translation of process data. When authorized the user can view and compare data between different sites. This could be a production site and a process developmentsite, but could also be different development sites in different locations working on the same process.


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